Athene Setup for Each Canvas Course

  1. Navigate to course.
  2. Select Settings from left-side menu bar.
  3. Select Apps tab at top.
  4. Select View App Configurations at top.
  5. Select +App at top.
  6. Select By URL for Configuration Type.
  7. Enter Athene for Name.
  8. Enter institution name (for example acu or lipscomb) for Consumer Key.
  9. Enter Shared Secret.
  10. Enter for Config URL.
  11. Submit.

Athene Assignment Creation in Modules

  1. Navigate to the modules page of your course.
  2. Select + within a module.
  3. Select External Tool for Add to Course Resources.
  4. Select Athene.
  5. Select curriculum and Submit.
  6. Select problem and Submit.
  7. Enter assignment name for Page Name (by scrolling down).
  8. Select Add Item.

Athene Assignment Creation in Assignments

  1. Navigate to the assignments page of your course.
  2. Select +Assignment (or + within a group and then More Options).
  3. Enter assignment name.
  4. Select External Tool for Submission Type (by scrolling down).
  5. Select Find.
  6. Select Athene.
  7. Select curriculum and Submit.
  8. Select problem and Select.
  9. Select Select.
  10. Select Save (by scrolling down).